“Boston Butt Burger” (Guest Review) – Frank’s Bar and Diner

Menu description:

Boston Butt Burger – 6oz patty topped with BBQ pulled pork, Provolone cheese and homemade slaw.

Price of burger: £9.95

This burger, for me, is up there with some of the greats. Two American classics together in one mouth-watering combination.

Guest burger review of Frank's Bar & DinerI have sampled burgers from Frank’s before (namely the Sloppy Frank, which is also excellent) and I was very pleased to see that their burgery consistency was upheld on this occasion.

This time round I plucked for the Boston Butt burger; a homemade beef patty topped with succulent pulled pork, cheese and homemade slaw. Accompanied with a side of chilli-cheese fries, which are proving to be a regular choice for me as well (a host of other American style sides are available).

From start to finish this meal was fantastic. As you can see it looked fabulous and tasted as good as it looked. The patty was cooked just medium and slightly pink in the middle, as beef should be in my Guest burger review of Frank's Bar & Dinerview. The pork, in its juicy marinade was melt in the mouth with a subtle smokey barbecue flavour and was the real star of the show. The slaw was good and not laden with mayo, as some can be. This did mean it was a little wet with the moisture from the vegetables used but this did not affect the rest of the burger. It just made it a little messier to eat in your hands.

Overall a great choice and the perfect marriage of classic American barbecue favourites; just make sure you have some extra napkins handy to clean up all that juiciness.

Oh, and the chilli on those fries was amazing. Assuming they also use that chilli in the other dishes on the menu…. any other chilli choices you make should be good too.

Ratings(as these ratings are provided by the guest reviewer, they will not feature in the rankings of the Burger Journal reviews)

Entire meal – 9.0

Burger – 9.0

Guest burger review of Frank's Bar & Diner

Review by Jack Brown

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