“Chef’s Recipe Beef Burger” – Dorrington’s Horseshoes

Menu description:

Chef’s Recipe Beef Burger – Bacon, Mozzarella, Mustard Mayo, Gherkin, Coleslaw, Chubby Chips.

Price of burger: £12.50


Last night, I visited Dorrington’s Horseshoes.

I have been wanting to try this place for some time so when the opportunity presented itself, there was not a moment’s hesitation.

Burger review of Dorrington's Horseshoes

Dorrington’s Horseshoes is a smashing little pub which serves real ale and a great selection of food. This is not just standard pub grub; there is a restaurant area specifically for diners and the menu is extensive. It covers pretty much all bases by serving the standard fish and chips, steak and pie, but also has some other interesting choices for you to choose from. Click here to have a look.

I read the menu and was pleased to see that there was a delicious sounding burger on offer (as you will see above). In my last review, I said that I wanted to avoid the “Cheese and Bacon” burgers but with only one on offer, I had no choice people!

I suppose you could argue that the mustard mayo was a slight peculiarity of the meal so I guess I am being more adventurous in that respect!? Stop judging me! 🙂

The burger arrived and I was not blown away by what I saw. The actual patty was not as big as I had expected and was somewhat dwarfed by the bun. Hidden beneath the bacon and cheese, it seemed to me like I had drawn the short straw as I had seen this burger before and it looked like a right hefty beast.

I was not deterred and soldiered on.

The salad on the burger is not something I often mention in my reviews – usually because it’s boring, wilting nonsense that detracts from the meaty stuff but I must say that on this occasion, it deserves to be noted! It was crisp, obviously fresh and it was very tasty indeed!

In fact, the whole meal was delicious – the chips were cooked to perfection and “Chubby Chips” should be served everywhere! Sod these fiddly french fries, get some of these down you and you’ll never look back – trust me!

The mustard mayo was a nice addition and although tasty, it was not overpowering. I know some fussy eaters but this needs to be tried to be believed!

The burger itself was delicious. Obviously homemade, it contained traces of wholegrain mustard (which was not overpowering) and a number of herbs which made the burger taste amazing!

Burger review of Dorrington's Horseshoes

On reflection, the size of the burger was more than adequate but when it comes to something as delicious as this was, you can never have too much!

The bacon and mozzarella also complemented the burger and when you put all these things together, it is definitely a contender for the “Hall of fame”.

As an aside, I would highly recommend the Horseshoes as the rest of the food that was ordered by the remainder of our party was also very tasty.

If you pushed me for a negative, I suppose that the burger was rather pricey at £12.50 but it really was worth it!

Definitely worth a try!

Good points – Very tasty burger and perfectly cooked chubby chips

Bad points – Burger could have been slightly bigger


Entire meal – 9.0

Burger – 9.0

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