“8oz Gourmet Steak Burger” (Guest Review) – The Cottage Loaf

Menu description:

8oz homemade gourmet steak burger – stacked with cheese, bacon, beef tomato, baby gem lettuce & onion rings, served with hand-cut chips, coleslaw and BBQ sauce

Price of burger: £11.75


I recently visited Llandudno with my son and Mum and had planned to go to the infamous “Tuesday steak night” at the Palladium (the local Wetherspoons).

We had visited before and found it to be a lovely pub but, to our disappointment, we walked into a very busy, dingy and grubby pub.

Obviously I understand it was really Guest burger review of The Cottage Loafbusy (and as a result, short staffed) but there were no tables free and the only one available was covered in dirty plates and glasses.

Not to be deterred, Mum started clearing the table whilst I found a high-chair for my son. I must admit, I am a little OCD when it comes to having things clean for my child but this was just gross – the high chair was covered in baby food and something wet dripped onto my foot as I carried it over to the table. THAT WAS IT!… we were out of there!

As disheartened as we were, we walked out of the pub and searched for somewhere else to eat. Luckily, a few doors down we stumbled upon a lovely little pub called “The Cottage Loaf”. We walked in and the first thing I noticed, following our aforementioned disappointment, was that it was clean!

As well as this, we were able to find a table right away and I sat my son in a lovely clean high-chair!

The menu looked lovely but perhaps a little more expensive than we were used to as I usually search for a 2 for 1 jobby! Having said this, it all looked lovely so we decided to stop and I ordered two burgers for myself and my Mum – by this time we were hungry and ready for a nice meal.

It arrived on a bread board and I’m glad to say that it was all proportionate which made the meal look lovely. I was so glad that it looked great and I couldn’t wait to get stuck in.Guest burger review of The Cottage Loaf

The burger was clearly homemade from proper steak – it was juicy and very tasty. It was accompanied by bacon, cheese, salad and onion rings. The chips were also homemade and there were lots of them!

The sides included coleslaw and BBQ sauce – both of which were delicious!

I suppose you could argue that because we had just left a vile place next door, this helped – I guess this is right, but even so, it was amazing!

I made sure I ate it all and was very pleased with the meal. Even the staff were lovely and it was a very friendly place to be.

Overall the service was great and the price was spot on for what we received for our meal – the burger itself was yummy!!

As this is my first review, I have nothing to compare it against, but I have had many-a-burger before and this really is the best I’ve had so in my opinion, I can confidently say it is worth 10/10!

Ratings: (as these ratings are provided by the guest reviewer, they will not feature in the rankings of the Burger Journal reviews)

Entire meal – 10

Burger – 10

Guest burger review of The Cottage Loaf

Review by Liz Perry

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