“Tennessee Burger” – The Dragon Inn

Menu description:

Tennessee Burger – 6oz beef burger with bacon, honey glaze made with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee honey

Price of burger£5.79 (with soft drink) £6.79 (with alcoholic drink)


This review comes from the land of Brum. When I say Brum, I’m not referring to the little car that used to go around causing mischief, I am talking about the wonderful city (?) of Birmingham. (Well done if you got the “Brum” reference, shame on you if you didn’t – Google it)!

Anyway, the reason for my visit to Birmingham was that I was going to watch the stage production of the Lion King (if you ever get the chance, you have to go – AMAZING).

Burger review of The Dragon Inn

So what would prepare me better for the show, I thought, than a burger from the Dragon Inn Wetherspoons which can be found on the opposite side of the road to the Birmingham Hippodrome?

Those who have read my blog know that the Burger Journal has visited Wetherspoons before and, although never able to fault the prices, the burgers themselves have always been….below par (to put it politely).

However, this was a different city and I got excited when I saw the “Tennessee Burger” on the menu. The honey glaze caught my eye so I took the plunge and went for it.

The meal arrived and, as has happened before, the burger arrived on a bread board! I know I have gone on about this before but why give it to me on something you slice bread on – I don’t get it!

Forgetting this for a second, the meal looked….basic I guess! The chips – or lack thereof – were served in a thimble-sized bowl which only emphasised the portion size. The burger, however, looked OK so I guess it wasn’t all bad….yet!

I started by emptying the 6 chips onto the breadboard (I joke for effect but there can’t have been too many more) and then cut the burger in half which is my standard procedure. I was presented with a burger that looked pretty sad if I’m being honest. The 2 burger patties, in particular, caught my eye as they looked like they had been cooked until all traces of moisture had vanished, and until all that remained could have been trimmed to use as ninja throwing weapons!

Some of you out there may be thinking I am joking but I can assure you, the moment I took a bite, the saliva in my mouth (lovely thought I know) totally vanished! The meal, as I have mentioned already, is served with a honey glaze which would have more than covered the burger (and then some). I know that this is what I should have done but you should not serve a burger with a sauce and neglect the cooking of the burger as a result…in my opinion.

I have already commented on the price which is always good in Wetherspoons, but this really did leave me disappointed and for once, wishing I had gone for something other than the burger (yes, it really was that bad).

The sauce itself was so sweet it was unreal but in fairness, someone with a sweeter tooth than mine would have quite easily gobbled this up!

I am not a fan of giving a bad review, but in this case, I have no choice! The burgers MAY have been better if they were not so thoroughly burnt, but alas, this was not the case and is why the scores are so low.

Burger review of The Dragon Inn

On a side note, I put out this plee to whomever designs Wetherspoons interiors: “INVEST IN STRONGER LIGHT BULBS”! I am not kidding, it was like eating our meal in a cave and a dark cave at that! When we came out in to the light, someone could have quite easily mugged me while my eyes adjusted to the light and I would not have known what the bloody hell was happening.

I do not condone violence in the slightest but IF I was a mugger, outside ANY Wetherspoons I have ever been to would be my pick! 🙂

I can’t leave the last sentence of the review saying “if I was a mugger”, so what I will say instead is this: I have no problem with burgers that have special accompaniments, after all, these are often what draws us to a burger. But what I would say is, do not rely on these “gimmicks” to make the burger a success. The quality of the burger is obviously something you want to get right and, in this instance, this is what ruined my meal – sad but true which results in me giving it the lowest score I have given to date (correct at time of review).


Entire meal: 2.5

Burger: 2.0

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