“The Ultimate Burger Challenge” – The Cygnets

The Ultimate Burger Challenge: Two quarter pounder burgers topped with chicken breast, bacon, cheese, homemade coleslaw and chips

Price of burger: £10.50 (what a bargain)!

The Challenge:

Burger review of The Cygnets

Burger review of The Cygnets

It has always been my intention when starting the Burger Journal to not only do reviews of the burgers I have eaten, but also to seek out places that take burgers seriously!

Places that pay homage to the humble burger by making a big deal of this splendid menu choice.

So I put it to you, what better way is there to do this than to challenge diners to eat as much burger as they can manage?

Here in Britain, our chance for a burger challenge is somewhat more limited than in other places in the world…but this was not going to stop me!

Far and wide I searched until I heard a hushed whisper, a rumour of a burger practically on my doorstep! A burger people dare not try, a burger so huge it was labelled “The Ultimate Burger”!

Burger review of The CygnetsBurger review of The Cygnets

Readers of the Burger Journal, will know that on my “About me” page, there is a little introduction to who I am and what I am about. They will also know that many years ago, I went to a pub called the Cygnets and was hugely disappointed with the size of the burger I was presented with. It will shock you then, to hear that the Cygnets is the place that offers this monster! I did not have great expectations after my last visit but the challenge was more than enough incentive for me to make the journey. But could they get me to utter the words that in 26 years have never left my lips? “No more burger”!

As I said, past experience of the Cygnets has left me bitterly disappointed and scarred for life so when the waitress took our order, I got cocky and decided to order a starter. This was fine until I said I wanted the burger, to which she replied “You have never been here before, have you?” As I had not been in the last 15 years or so, I had to answer “No”.

Burger review of The CygnetsBurger review of The Cygnets

She then proceeded to explain that the burger was huge and that many people did not finish…I politely asked here to remove the starter from my order (I was scared)!

We didn’t have to wait long before the waitress arrived with our meals, one at a time. It was not that she was inefficient, quite the opposite – it was because of the size of the plates…enormous! There were four of us in our party and I was left until last. When she left the kitchen, everyone in the pub looked round and started whispering – when it arrived, I couldn’t believe it – it was HUGE! 🙂

Burger review of The CygnetsBurger review of The Cygnets

I loosened my belt, and dug in. The burgers were delicious and were the first to get forked! They were juicy and contained a little onion which helped give them a little something extra. Coupled with the two chicken fillets (yes two), the burger was looking like a real winner. I steadily ploughed on taking down the patties one by one and then turning my attention to the three rashers of perfectly cooked bacon and the half block of cheese which was grated on top! It was a long time since that crappy little excuse for a burger and I can tell you that the Cygnets has come a long way since then!

Burger review of The Cygnets

This is where I started to slow. I had eaten so much that the “food wall” was fast approaching. I dug deep and carried on, demolishing the bacon, cheese, and half the chips (which were in a separate bowl)! The hard part was done…I thought! Only the salad and a couple of chips to go and things got really tricky! There was more salad than I thought possible and the leaves hid at least 4 full sized tomatoes and these stopped me dead in my tracks!

I started to doubt myself and I thought I was going to fail my first ever challenge!  But this just wouldn’t do! How could I call myself a burger connoisseur? How could I look myself in the mirror if I failed? How could I let myself down?……I couldn’t! I picked up my fork and shovelled the last few bites into my mouth. It took some doing but against all the odds, I had done it! I had vanquished my first real challenge and I had done it in style!

Burger review of The Cygnets

The waitress returned to collect my EMPTY plate and was clearly in awe! And rightly so! What I have not mentioned is that although I did not have a starter to myself, I did in fact share one! A stupid mistake maybe but I proved it could be done. The quality of the food at the Cygnets is fantastic and if you want quantity too, this is the place for you – a real winner! Also, I feel that I need to mention the prices, which when you consider the standard and size of food, is phenomenal! I really don’t know how they do it!

I will definitely be going back to the Cygnets – maybe this time I’ll try something different (and I’ll be sure to ask for it without salad)!

Burger review of The Cygnets

For more information on the Cygnets, click here to look at the menu!

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