“Build Your Own Burger” (Guest Review) – The Station Inn

Menu description:

Build your own burger – Choose from Beef Steak, Pork Steak or Lamb, choose your flavours (21 to choose from), watch it made and pressed and see it being cooked!

Price of burger(s): This may take some time…

4oz (113g) – £9.95           6oz (170g) – £10.95           8oz (226g) – £11.95

12oz (340g) – £13.95           16oz (454g) – £15.95


As Miss (soon to be Mrs) Burger Journal, I feel it is my duty to stand by my man in his quest for finding the ultimate burger. So a trip to The Station Inn and one burger later, here I am.

Guest burger review of The Station Inn

Question number one: Did I like The Station Inn? Answer: Yes. It is a very quaint little country pub and typical of what you often find hidden down the country lanes of Shropshire. It’s a standard off-the-beaten-track pub with a cosy conservatory-type extension. The staff were very welcoming and patient with us given that it was our first time, we didn’t know what we were doing and were therefore all over the place.

Question number two: Am I here to review The Station Inn? Answer: No. It’s all about the burger, baby. Which leads me onto question number three…

Did I enjoy the burger? Answer: Oh yes!

Now, I am going to stand here and expect all the shouts and jeers when I say that a burger is never my first choice when deciding what meal to have. But given that this was The Station Inn’s “Build Your Own Burger Night” and I felt it was time to get my name somewhere on the Burger Journal, I took the plunge.

Note: I’m assuming from this point onwards that you’ve read the original review for this place and therefore know the general setup. Yes? Good. Let’s continue.

Deciding what meat to choose was very easy for me. Having never really been a massive fan of beef burgers (they’re very hit and miss in my opinion. I know, I know, haters gonna hate me), I went for lamb. Mixed into that I chose garlic, sage, mushrooms, blue cheese and topped it off with some bacon.

Guest burger review of The Station Inn

Well ladies and gents, what followed was amazing. The burger was juicy, perfectly cooked and full of flavour. I actually didn’t even need the bacon as the burger alone stood on its own two feet (figuratively speaking). The menu described the burgers as being served in a sesame seed bun, but they must have run out that night and instead served it in a big floury beast – a much better choice in my opinion. Having tried some of Simon’s burger and comparing it to my own, mine was definitely the winner. Without a doubt, the lamb was the better choice.

My only criticism is that everything on my plate was fresh (I’ve never seen tomatoes that colour!) and homemade, except for the chips. I may be wrong, but I didn’t get the impression they were homemade which is a shame as that would have complemented the meal perfectly. But alas, I’m not reviewing the chips.

Honestly, it has to be one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. I’d definitely recommend a trip there and, with the large choice of ingredients, you could have a different meal every time. I’ve already chosen my next one – nom nom!

Ratings: (as these ratings are provided by the guest reviewer, they will not feature in the rankings of the Burger Journal reviews)

Entire meal: 9

Burger: 9

Guest burger review of The Station Inn


Review by Allie Hughes

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