“Build Your Own Burger” – The Station Inn

Menu description:

Build your own burger – Choose from beef steak, pork steak or lamb, choose your flavours (21 to choose from), watch it made and pressed and see it being cooked!

Price of burger(s): This may take some time…

4oz (113g) – £9.95           6oz (170g) – £10.95           8oz (226g) – £11.95

12oz (340g) – £13.95           16oz (454g) – £15.95


This is a big one…

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted through the Burger Journal site by a chap called Will Chambers. He suggested via “Suggest a venue” that I try the Station Inn in Marshbrook.

I’d never heard of this place so I Googled it and to my delight, I found that not only was the Station Inn not a crappy little country pub (as could have quite easily been the case), it also offered a lovely looking menu. But perhaps more importantly, a “Build your own burger” night every Thursday!

Yes people, this is the first pub or restaurant that I have found with this as an option. So as you will appreciate, for a burger connoisseur like myself, it had to be tried first hand.

I was truly excited for the whole journey like a kid going to Disneyland (Ok, maybe not that excited but not far off). When we arrived, the outside of the pub was unassuming – I mean it had a nice looking extension but not the burger mecca I was expecting.

As we passed the front window, I peered in and saw what I would describe as a “burger station”. A clear refrigerated bar which contained a variety of minces and a load of ingredients! People must have been freaked out as I stood at the window staring and dribbling!

Burger review of The Station Inn
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We went in and were seated immediately. There were some A4 sheets on the table which explained what the score was which was useful as I had never been before.

I initially thought it was going to be an awkward experience like when you arrive in a sandwich shop and instead of taking your time and looking at all of the available options, you just blurt out the first sandwich you see “CHEESE”! 🙂 This was, however, not the case at all. I was shown to the “burger station” and had plenty of time to look at all of the ingredients. Furthermore, there was also the full list which detailed some options that were not apparent at first glance.

I had plenty of time to decide on what I wanted so, when I was asked, I had no issues in saying “a 12oz, beef burger with garlic, onion, mushrooms and blue cheese”. I know, pretty special, eh?! Haters out there will be saying “How boring”. I suppose you are right but it was my first time and I wanted to see how good a basic burger was before I started throwing powerful flavours in the mix – method in my madness people!

The ingredients (which all looked fresh and tasty), were combined and mixed right in front of me and I’m afraid “the dribbler” made a second appearance!

Once mixed, the burger was pressed using a hand press which I have now added to my Christmas list! It packed the meat and other ingredients loosely, but enough so that it wouldn’t fall apart. When the press was removed, I can honestly say that what remained was one of the best looking, uncooked burgers I have ever seen in my entire life…and I have seen a lot in my 26 years!

As an aside, I requested bacon as a topping and my server proceeded with writing “Simon Bacon” on a purple flag which was pushed into the top of my burger. I like to think as though a mini-me had climbed and conquered this meaty beast!

Burger review of The Station Inn

I sat back down and eagerly waited. The burger was cooked on a grill and I know this because I could see it being cooked – fantastic!

I didn’t have to wait long before the waitress approached with an unbelievably good looking plate of food. She must have thought I was a real strange bloke as I was nearly wetting myself with excitement, taking out my phone to take a picture almost instantly!

The burger truly looked better cooked than it did when it was raw and was clearly juicy and none of the appeal had gone at all!

I suppose this feeling of absolute joy was overshadowed a little by the fact that the chips were a bit boring and plain looking but, as I am sure you have come to realise, this was not what I had come for!

Burger review of The Station Inn

I cut the burger in half as I wanted to see the beauty that lay within! The burger offered little resistance to my knife as the loosely packed patty divided perfectly.

I had to take a picture for the blog at this point to show you just how tasty it looked. I would have preferred it a little pink in the middle but with it being such a thick burger, the main point was that it was cooked all the way through, without being burnt in the slightest!

After seeing all of the things I had just seen, I couldn’t wait to tuck in and when I did, it was unbelievable.

The meat was tender and juicy and the fact that the burger broke apart was amazing. All of the flavours worked really well together and I was glad that I had chosen the combination that I had for my first visit!

I was really able to taste the onions and garlic but I would have preferred a little more blue cheese to have topped the burger (as well as being packed into the patty). This was an option which I didn’t take so I can only blame myself – damn!Burger review of The Station Inn

Additionally, the salad that topped the burger was so fresh and crisp that it could quite easily been picked minutes before!

As I said, the chips were a little bit of a let down and I would have preferred some hand cut chunky devils but this was only a small issue when you consider how good the burger really was.

Adding to this, the fact that the staff were extremely friendly, the place itself was well presented and homely and the prices were very reasonable, it is easy to see why I am boosting it to the top of the “Hall of fame” – YES, your eyes do not deceive you! It was fantastic and the only limits are your own imagination – have I just made that up or is it from something? I think I have made it up, good job me!

Burger review of The Station Inn

As a slight aside, my fellow burger muncher and I ordered some onion rings (big appetites you see), and they were not your usual, oven jobbies! There were some big, some small, but truly delicious – a good addition to the meal and one that I would strongly suggest you do too (although the picture is the combination of two individual portions and actually ended up being a little too much…so beware)!

I will definitely be revisiting and have already planned my next burger – tell me what you think to this monster…Pork, apple, sage, garlic, cheese and bacon – now how good does that sound!?

If you ever have the chance to visit the Station Inn, I cannot recommend it highly enough! Put it this way, if the Burger Journal was ever considering where its head quarters would be, the Station Inn would be receiving a phone call straight away!

Thanks again to Will Chambers for pointing me in the right direction here! If you have anywhere you would like to suggest, click HERE and I may well feature a review on the Burger Journal one day soon!


Entire meal 9.0

Burger 9.5

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  1. Becky says:

    Great review, I can’t wait to go myself now! I am going to miss going to my weekly Thursday night aqua aerobics class specially to go to burger night.

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