“8oz Steak Burger” – The Armoury

Menu description:

8oz steak burger – topped with grilled bacon and Cheddar, served with coleslaw and chips

Price of burger: £12.45


Well folks, this review has been a long time coming, I can tell you!

For a burger connoisseur to go for over a month without so much as a sniff of a burger, is totally unacceptable – I can only apologise 🙂

Anyway, here it is, my next review and the lucky location…The Armoury in Shrewsbury.

Burger review of The Armoury

The Armoury is part of the “Brunning and Price” chain and anyone who has ever been to one of these pubs know that it is a far cry from the “Wetherspoons budget” and “2 for 1” eateries of this world – no offence JD! The Armoury in particular is renowned for being a little more upmarket than some of the other pubs in and around Shrewsbury so it was the perfect place for a “spot of lunch” with my better half.

The Armoury sits right on the bank of the River Severn, and is great on a sunny day as there is seating outside. The inside is full of dark furniture and a wooden bar – no tacky blue lights or TV screens like you get in some places. This gives The Armoury an altogether more “classy” feel.

There are always loads of wines and ales to choose from so it is usually busy (booking is advisable if you plan to go for a meal in the evening).

Enough now with descriptions of the venue! “Yes yes, it’s very pleasant but what about the burger?” I hear you cry! Well…

The burger arrived in a little over 10 minutes after ordering and when it was plonked down in front of me, I was a very happy chappy. The appearance of the burger was very good. I was glad to see that the chips were chunkier than normal – perhaps not the rustic beasts that I have had in the past but thankfully a far cry from the manky french fries or oven jobbies that some places serve.

The burger was served open and it looked delicious! The top half of the burger was adorned with the usual salad finery which looked fresh and healthy but the bottom bun was really where I focused my attention – bacon, cheese and the patty, baby!

The patty itself looked juicy but not greasy and the cheese had been melted and left with a slight browning on top which looked fantastic.

I wasted no time in getting stuck in and I am happy to report that the burger was very tasty. The “steak burger” part of the description was not as unique as I thought it was going to be – don’t get me wrong, the burger was tasty but not the best I have ever eaten. Burger review of The Armoury

It is hard to explain but I guess I had expected a more “meaty” flavour as is sometimes the case when you are presented with a “steak” burger. The patty was tasty and well flavoured but was missing that little something extra!

The burger was well cooked and juicy and the bacon and cheese worked very well with the burger and bun. When you take into account the fresh salad too, you really are looking at a delicious little dish!

That being said, although I would say that The Armoury’s burger offering was good, there was something lacking. I know it’s a bit boring but a little something extra like BBQ sauce or onion rings does give a meal like this a little boost which I missed from The Armoury. This is a real shame but when I look back on my meal, I cannot find anything else note worthy to say – good or bad!

It still scores high because the meal was good, and the quality of the patty was cracking, but the key point about this meal is that it is not one I will remember for very long, which is a real shame!

One thing that I do feel lifted the meal was the relish and coleslaw which accompanied the meal – both of which were top notch! The relish in particular was amazing and slightly spicier than I was expecting and was very well received!

I would not hesitate in revisiting The Armoury – the food is always a high standard and never disappoints, it is just that on this occasion, it didn’t blow me away!


Entire meal – 8.5

Burger – 8.0

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