“Handmade Burger” – Four Crosses

Menu description:

Handmade burger – Made to our own recipe, prime beef topped with smoked bacon and cheese, seasoned and served with a toasted bun. With coleslaw, a pot of BBQ sauce and handcut chips.

Price of burger: £8.95


I know as you read this, an avid Burger Journal follower (ahem), that it is inconceivable that other bloggers could be out there on the world wide interweb that review burgers, and even burgers in Shropshire – my home sweet home.

Burger review of Four CrossesOk, so maybe they are not as funny/witty/clever/well written as mine (again “ahem”), but they are interesting nonetheless!

But it does make me wonder; do I share in the opinions of my fellow burger review buddies?

This review then, is particularly important, as the Four Crosses features top in one of these blogs boasting it as “The best burger in Shrewsbury“…I think I’ll be the judge of that!

With this in my mind, I had high hopes from the Four Crosses. I had visited before for a wedding reception and found the place to be very friendly and the staff were lovely – I am happy to report that this is still the case!

We were seated by a very friendly waitress and I perused the menu for the burger which I found in no time and, although it sounded like a fairly standard burger, I still had high expectations.

Those of you who know me, know I like my food so I ordered a starter too – mushrooms in a garlic sauce with garlic bread (yummy)!

The waitress took our order then informed us that we could help ourselves to anything from the salad bar which I had not expected at all. The salad bar contained pasta, the usual greenery and other healthy looking fodder – nice! Having said that, it was slightly strange as what we had ordered was not buffet style, it just seemed a bit odd – but who am I to complain about unexpected foody delights?

The starter arrived shortly after and I was impressed by the size and taste, both of which were of a high standard – this was building anticipation for the burger even more!

It is with regret then, that I have to say I was disappointed at first glance by what I was presented with. Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with the meal, it just didn’t knock me off my feet like I thought it might!

Burger review of Four Crosses

I soldiered bravely on and found, to my delight, that the burger actually tasted more impressive than it looked. The patty was more densely packed than others I have had and this made me question whether it was indeed “homemade” after all! With so much emphasis put on the “homemade” element, I have to assume it was but I do have my doubts!

Furthermore, it was very well seasoned and in retrospect, actually very good! When coupled with the cheese and bacon, I was eventually won round.

The chips were also a winner for me; I like them big and these were whoppers! The coleslaw which accompanied the meal was also decent but the BBQ sauce let me down massively! It tasted watery and was somehow runnier than I am used to. Put it this way, when I dunked my chips in, there was hardly any gripping to the outside when I pulled it out. I suppose I would compare the consistency to runny PVA glue like you used to have at school. Perhaps this is not the best comparison as I doubt you have ever eaten glue (or maybe some of you have). Either way, I assure you that it was not great but as it is such a small part of the meal, I cannot mark it too harshly for such a minor misdemeanour!

So, after all of this, was this the “Best burger in Shrewsbury”?……No! But I would say that it was not half bad. Perhaps they had an off night, perhaps I have tried more burgers in Shrewsbury than other bloggers, or perhaps I have higher standards (no offence), but whatever the reason, I’m afraid I must disagree with my fellow reviewers on this one!

That being said, I should mention the price. At £8.95, it is one of the better budget burgers I have had and I can say that the whole meal was very well priced for what you get – I definitely recommend you try it!

To the Four Crosses I say, keep up the good work but for goodness sake, get better BBQ sauce in 😉


Entire meal – 8.0

Burger – 8.0

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