“Homemade Burger” – Morgans

Menu description:

Morgans homemade burger – served in a rustic white bap with tomato, salad, cheese, bacon & onion chutney accompanied by hand cut chips & a salad garnish

Price of burger: £11.00


Morgans is a place that I have been meaning to review for quite some time.

Before I created the Burger Journal, I was at Morgans practically every other week sampling their culinary delights and I found that they were always of a very high standard but for one reason or another, I have not visited for a burger since then. So when I was presented with the opportunity, I jumped at the chance!

Morgans is a pleasant place to go for food and drink and I suppose you could consider it one of the more “upmarket” places in Shrewsbury…I know, check me out!

Burger review of Morgans

This is sometimes reflected in the price but after scouring the menu for the burger, I was happy to see that it was very reasonably priced at £11.00.

I could not get overly excited based on the description of the burger alone but, as I have mentioned, I have eaten at Morgans before and their food has always been great so I was not worried!

After a delicious starter and a short wait, I was presented with a lovely looking plate of food. I don’t think it is the kind of burger that will make anybody say “Bloody hell, that looks amazing”, but it also won’t make anyone say – “Yukky poo poo” either (I have some childish friends…).

The chips, I am happy to report, were hand cut as described and as regular readers will know, I LOVE a chunky chip! These were delicious and crispy and cooked perfectly!

The burger was not served with onion rings, a pot of sauce, coleslaw or anything that could have made the meal that little bit more special and unfortunately, the option to add these was not even available at additional cost – shame!

But I turn my attention now to the burger itself and, by gum, it looked like a little belter. Very appealing indeed with the bacon and what looked very much like two types of cheese on top! Yummy! The only thing better than cheese is more cheese!

As usual, I cut the burger in half and was presented by a thick juicy burger which certainly did appear to live up to the “homemade” claim. It was well cooked and tempting so I pulled up my sleeves and wasted no time in getting stuck in – it’s a tough job but someone has to do it! 🙂

The burger itself was actually much better than I had anticipated and accompanied by the bacon and cheesy goodness which topped it, it was looking like a big thumbs up!

Burger review of Morgans

I feel, however, that I should give you my full opinion and unfortunately, my overwhelming memory, is not that of the burger, but of the relish that had been added to the bottom bun. SAY WHAAAT! I hear you shout?! But it’s true – I found that, although tasty, it overpowered most of the taste from the burger itself which is almost unforgivable.

As I have said, the relish was actually very good and I know folk out there will be thinking “So you’re complaining that it was too tasty?” and although that may be how it seems, it’s just that I would much rather had it served in a little pot on the side so that I could have added it as I saw fit! Not too much to ask, is it?!

I feel like I am being a little harsh because the Morgans burger was actually very good, it is just that there are a few too many points where the burger could be improved in my opinion and that is a real shame.

I would not hesitate to recommend that you try Morgans for yourself, it is a great place to drink and eat out, but in burger terms, it just doesn’t cut the mustard (classic food pun)!


Entire meal – 7.5

Burger – 8.0

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