“Oblò Burger” – Oblò Bar and Bistro

Menu description:

Oblò burger – chargrilled burger, seared sirloin steak, BBQ sauce & coleslaw

Price of burger: £11.95 (Add: cheese £0.50, blue cheese £1.00, bacon £1.00, onion rings £1.00)


As some of my followers on Twitter will be aware, I recently tweeted that I was off on a jolly to sunny (!?) Scotland and that part of my journey HAD to involve a burger (as is only right)!

Before my visit, I did some research about the best places to eat and found that I stopped in my tracks when I came across “Oblò Bar and Bistro” in Eyemouth.

Now I am a big fan of burgers that stray from the standard toppings but there are some things that I would never imagine would top a burger…and one of these is steak!! So when I looked on the Oblò website and saw that they offered a burger with exactly this, how could I possibly resist?!

I can honestly say that I don’t think that I have ever been so excited to have a burger! Maybe it was because it was my first time in Scotland, maybe it’s because I got to spend a lovely weekend away with my fiancée, but most likely is that this burger was one of the best sounding I had heard in quite some time (sorry love :)).

The day soon arrived and, after a stop off at the Scottish border for some cheeky pictures, I was on my way!

Eyemouth was easy enough to find for a man like me in the driving seat (I was helped heavily by my other half but don’t tell her I said that, I’ll never hear the end of it)!

The Oblò is sat right on the harbour and I wasted no time in parking and heading straight to it (by this time I was practically drooling at the thought of burger and steak in one meal)!

We sat down and, quite frankly, the menus on the table were just for decoration as I knew exactly what I wanted. I ordered my burger with blue cheese, bacon and onion rings which resulted in a total cost of £14.95. Perhaps a little pricey compared to some of the others that I have reviewed but answer me this, how many of those have sirloin steak on the top?!

Anyway, the wait was agonising and I found myself flinching every time the waitress walked out of the kitchen….I have just read that back to myself and I fully acknowledge that I am a burger geek of massive proportions but I really don’t care! 🙂

I didn’t have to wait long before I was presented with what I honestly believe was one of the most fantastic looking meals I have ever had the pleasure of sitting in front of!

Regular readers will know that I am a huge fan of chunky chips so when I was presented with these mammoth creations, I was over the moon (my shoddy photography skills really don’t do them justice…they were huge)!

There are so many different elements to this and looking at the picture, it is hard to know where to start!

The coleslaw was the first to go down. Now some places serve coleslaw just so they can put something other than “burger and chips” on their menu. As a result (and this is a sweeping generalisation so forgive me), it’s usually crap! Not here though. The coleslaw tasted homemade and was really tasty!…a good start!

Burger review of Oblò Bar and Bistro

The onion rings were truly some of the best I have ever tasted! I know it’s a bold claim but they were fantastic; not greasy in the slightest, crispy and packed full of onion! Don’t roll your eyes at that last comment as some places you go give you a ring of batter leaving you wondering “where did the onion go”?!

The chips did not only look amazing but they tasted incredible and were cooked to perfection.

This review is a bit one sided at the moment, with me singing the praises of the Oblò but I assure you, it was incredibly tasty!

But now to the main event, the finalé, the climax….the burger!

The burger was not the most user friendly beast to tackle and I found myself dismantling it to a certain degree. Now don’t shout at me, I know that I should have just gone for it but I wanted to taste the individual elements because this was/is seriously looking like a contender for a leader for the Hall of Fame! Exciting, isn’t it?!

I took off the steak, and although not as thick as I had expected, it was seasoned to perfection. It was not the best cut of steak I have ever eaten but it was delicious nonetheless!

The rest of the burger was left as it was, only pulled apart briefly so I could see the various components (what a burger snob, eh)! I’m pretty sure I was getting some funny looks from the other diners!

The slice of blue cheese (a £1 extra), was a little overpriced in my opinion, but was incidentally delicious!

Burger review of Oblò Bar and Bistro

The burger itself was juicy and had a wonderful combination of flavours from the seasoning but also the beef itself which was cooked to a pink perfection! My partner summed it up best when she said, it tasted very much “like cow”! Perhaps “meaty” would have been more appropriate but as soon as she said it, I could relate to what she meant. The bacon and cheese only added to the taste and I found myself making noises which evoke memories of Meg Ryan’s famous diner scene (…although perhaps not quite as exaggerated)!

I can find very little to fault with the meal and, after much deliberation, I can honestly say that the Oblò burger was the single best burger I think I have ever had. Others have certainly come close but since starting the Burger Journal, I can assure you it’s the best!

I know, I know, it’s a brash claim, but until you have tried it yourself, you will not understand! The bar has been raised – can anyone now contend?

After my trip to Scotland, there are a few things I will remember for a very long time indeed; the freezing weather…..and the fantastic burgers!


Entire meal – 9.5 (I have to leave some room for improvement after all ;))

Burger – 10.00

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  1. Max Anderson says:

    Sounds epic, I shall try this on my next visit to eyemouth, been to Oblo once and enjoyed my thoroughly delicious meal. But next time you venture to scotland. You should visit The Grange in North Berwick and try the bass rock burger, it is of mammoth proportions. And the best burger I have ever had also accompanied by yummy coleslaw and sweet potato fries.

    1. It really is worth a try! Wow, that sounds awesome. My partner and I are hoping to have another visit up north soon so will definitely give it a look – thanks for the recommendation 🙂

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