“House Burger” – The Haughmond

Menu description:

House Burger – served in a brioche bun with handcut chips, homemade relish, cheese & beef tomato

Price of burger: £11.00


The Haughmond was the location of my wife’s birthday meal. A gentleman doesn’t divulge a woman’s age, but at 28 – oops! – we wanted a nice quiet pub out of town that does good food and real ale; so this seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

Originally called “The Corbet Arms at Upton Magna” (not to be confused with The Corbet Arms at Uffington), the place has recently been renovated to a stylish country pub.

Burger review of The HaughmondWe arrived and the bar staff could not have been more helpful. Although newly rejuvenated, the pub had a sort of “Been in business for 10 years” vibe to it – good menu, good beer choices and great service.

We sat down and I instantly eyeballed their gammon from across the room which looked epic. I know my mantra is “You can’t beat a burger” but, by God man, this was seriously making me want to fire up a “Gammon Journal”! I don’t think I have ever seen a thicker piece of gammon served in a pub/restaurant and I was half tempted to push the woman eating it out of the way to take a picture – fortunately I came to my senses and therefore was not politely asked to leave!

Anyway, enough about this gammon lark; you didn’t come here to read about that, did you?! The burger on the menu was referred to only as a “House Burger”. I did look for a specials menu/board but had no luck. So when I had to ask what today’s “House Burger” actually was, I was told “Lamb and mint”. I am a fan of beef, as you may already be well aware, so when I heard this I was surprised, but pleasantly surprised! So often I go to places and beef is the only option (hence the sheer volume featured on this blog) so I was happy to accept this alternative, completely forgetting about the gammon from earlier.

I didn’t have to wait long. The burger arrived and it looked cracking. The first thing I spotted was the thickness of the burger patty. I hate these wafer thin jobbies that call themselves burgers – this looked like the real deal! The burger was served with lettuce and tomato, and topped with brie and berries – “SAY WHAAAAAAT”. I know, berries! I can’t decide whether I am a fan or not but I can tell you one thing for sure – it was different.Burger review of The Haughmond

I didn’t waste any time; I began tucking in when, BOOM, the lamb and mint flavour exploded in my mouth. You know sometimes when you take a sip of your drink thinking it’s going to be fizzy but, when it turns out to be squash, you recoil in horror for a split second before thinking “Oooh, nice”? Well, it was a bit like that. Perhaps my brain has some “beef memory” type thing where it automatically expects beef. So when I did take my first bite, my brain went, “Hold on; what?” quickly followed by “Wow, what a flavour”! Perfectly balanced and delicious. It was, for me, a little bit on the dry side but this is only a minor criticism, believe me!

The burger was served with skin-on chips and, despite not being the thick-cut monsters I usually crave, there were more than enough to satisfy my ample appetite.

I like the fact there is a “House Burger”. At first I thought it was a terrible idea as you never know until you arrive what it is going to be. But I have since decided that, actually, I’m a big fan of that being the case; it’s an added element of risk – it’s no Mission Impossible, of course, but still!

Overall I can highly recommend The Haughmond. Perhaps next time I will try something different but, with the added mystery of the “House Burger”, perhaps a different meat will be enough to make me plump for the burger again. I certainly won’t be disappointed either way!


Entire meal – 8.5

Burger – 8.5

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