“Wild Boar and Chorizo Burger” – The Dovey Inn

Menu description:

Wild boar and chorizo burger – served in a floured bun with salad leaves, sliced tomato and red onion, with chips and creamy slaw

Price of burger: £7.99 – add a brioche bun for 50p


Last bank holiday weekend, my wife and I decided to celebrate the shocking UK weather by going to the seaside. After some discussion we chose to visit a personal favourite – Aberdovey.

After a – quite frankly – bloody freezing walk on the beach, we sought refuge in one of the main pubs in town – The Dovey Inn.

Burger review of The DoveyWe were welcomed by a number of friendly staff and were amazed at how busy it was! Yes, it was Saturday on a bank holiday weekend but it was still surprising to see so many people packed into this small pub. That being said, we easily found a table and started perusing the extensive menu. Now I’m a fan of family run pubs so I was a little disappointed when I found that the menu was clearly a standard “Brains” chain pub menu but was happy that there was as much choice as there was.

OBVIOUSLY I shot straight to the burger section and my eyes instantly settled on the wild boar & chorizo burger and, at a bargain price of £7.99, it was a no-“Brain”er (get it, Brains pub, no-“Brain”er…nevermind). I love wild boar and I love chorizo so I had high hopes for this chappy!

At this stage, I should say that there was the option to upgrade to a brioche bun for an extra 50p – I jumped at the chance. Now I’m a simple man and when I order food I get flummoxed if I’m asked anything I haven’t prepared an answer for, especially when it relates to ordering my wife’s meal (which, in this case was a steak & onion sandwich). So when I was politely asked “Do you want the sandwich on ciabatta, sliced malted bloomer, white bread or in a tortilla wrap?”, my brain screamed “ARGHHH, WHAT!!! I DON’T KNOW! CRAP! WHAT IF I ORDER HER THE WRONG THING? OH GOD, I’M HOLDING UP THE QUEUE!” At this point, the two words “brioche” and “bun” had completely shot out of my head like a bullet from a gun – so alas, a regular bun for Simon it was. Not that I’m blaming the wife or anything but…well, come on!Burger review of The Dovey

My regular bunned burger didn’t take long to arrive and I wasted no time at digging in, first demolishing the delicious coleslaw. I was disappointed that the chips, although plenty of them, were just your bog standard pub chips and not the chunky monsters that I know and love – BOOOOO!

In all seriousness, the bun was…OK but a little dry. Normally I’d be saying “Well, I should have chosen the brioche bun” but that shouldn’t excuse any lack of quality, even though the meal was very well priced.

I was happy indeed that the burger patty was VERY thick and as a result, when I tucked in, it was meaty and juicy! Sometimes, I’ll go for the “different from the norm” burger and wish that I’d tried and tested the standard beef burger. But in this instance, I was happy I hadn’t.

As a side note, if you ever go be sure to order a side of creamy cajun garlic mushrooms…bloody lovely!

In actual fact, the burger itself, and the side of garlic mushrooms, were truly impressive but were somewhat let down by the other elements of the meal like the bun, chips and salad.

That being said, I enjoyed my visit to The Dovey and would not hesitate in going back again soon!


Entire meal 7.0

Burger 8.0

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