“The Ultimate Burger” – The Gingerbread Man

Menu description:

The Ultimate Burger – 6oz beef burger and a 6oz minced gammon burger topped with a gooey American cheesy melt and a cheese slice. Served in a soft brioche bun with mixed leaves and burger sauce. Served with fries and onion rings.

Price of burger: £7.99


Run, run as fast as you can! This week’s review is about “The Gingerbread Man”…in Market Drayton!

My recent travels took me to the outskirts of Market Drayton where my family and I decided a meal was in order and of course, for me, that meant burger time!

Burger review of The Gingerbread ManI’d seen The Gingerbread Man a number of times, passing it on the way to various places but had never actually stopped there for a meal. The pub is part of the “Fayre and Square” chain, which I have reviewed a burger for in the past and I wasn’t overly impressed by it, but far be it from me to tar all the pubs in the chain with the same brush. So I thought it only fair to give The Gingerbread Man a go.

There were a number of burgers to choose from including the “Spiced Mexican Melt” and the “Gammon & Egg” burgers. But the one that really tickled my fancy was “The Ultimate Burger”!! With a name like that, I was convinced it was going to need a team of people with a wheel barrow to get it from the kitchen to my plate. What if the table wasn’t solid enough to hold it up? Hmm, maybe I am getting a tad carried away here…

The Ultimate Burger consists of two 6oz burger patties (one beef and one minced gammon; which I’ll be honest, I have never come across before), topped with a gooey American cheesy melt, a cheese slice, salad and burger sauce all homed in a brioche bun. Accompanying all this is a portion of fries (or chips) and onion rings.

Since I started the Burger Journal, whenever we go for a meal, 9 times out of 10 – surprisingly enough – I go for the burger. Some of you will be sat there reading this thinking “How sad! Of all the choices, he goes for arguably the most boring thing on the menu!”. Well, dear reader, you are wrong! The variety of burgers out there seems to be growing all the time and more and more venues are specialising in them. Not only that but, if I had a pound for every time I heard “Did you see that burger go past? That looks amazing”, I would probably be able to retire! (Perhaps not…)

I always enjoy the wait for a burger and one of the best feelings in the world for me is when I am presented with my meal and it looks epic. I’m afraid to report, however, that this was not one of those times (which probably undermines the whole mini-defence I just wrote there). I’m not saying it looked like a dog’s dinner but it certainly could have done with a little more care presentation-wise. Why stack the onion rings on the top of a double burger and leave so much chuffing empty space on the plate? Very strange.

I’m getting far too hung up on the looks – it’s all about the taste for me – but let’s just get the negativesBurger review of The Gingerbread Man out of the way now whilst we’re on the subject. I’m getting bored of pubs serving, what I refer to as, “standard pub chips”. Not that there is anything wrong with them; I’m sure the reason they’re used so much is that they are cheap and easy to cook. But in my eyes, they are always a letdown when you compare them to other reviews I’ve done where pubs go the extra mile to give you chunky chips or sweet potato fries!

Fortunately, the review is a little more positive from this point! The burger itself looked great. The delicious looking brioche bun contained two burgers which I decided to try independently; the first was the minced gammon. In the words of Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction “That is a tasty burger”. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t too sure about it when I first read the menu – sometimes gammon can be dry – but on this occasion, I was pleasantly surprised. It was juicy and topped with an “American cheesy melt”. I’m not sure what was in that exactly, but it was delicious. The beef patty was next to go and this was equally tasty, even more so when accompanied by the burger sauce – brilliant!

Some places I go, the burgers need sauce to help them on their way but this was juicy enough on its own.

It’s a real shame that this burger didn’t come with coleslaw or even a side salad – maybe that would have made it look like more of a meal than I had initially thought. But, for the price (£7.99), I can’t complain too much – what a bargain!

On a slightly separate note, the rest of my family had the 14oz gammon and the mixed grill each of which, I was assured, was tasty and very well presented. Nice job all you gingerbread men…you just need to work on the burgers a little now 😉


Entire meal 6.0

Burger 8.0

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