“Waterfront Stack” – The Waterfront

Menu description:

Waterfront Stack – A fat stack of 8oz beef patty, smoked bacon, onion rings, mac and cheese, all served with baby gem lettuce, beef tomato & dill gherkins stacked high in a brioche bun and accompanied with fries

Price of burger: £13.00


The more time I dedicate to the Burger Journal, the more I find myself looking for new locations to go for a meal. And when I do find somewhere new, it’s great. One prime example of this is The Waterfront.

I’ve been here numerous times on nights out and for post-work drinks, but never for food. So when a friend of my wife’s came to Shrewsbury for the weekend and we were hunting for somewhere to eat after a cold pint on a hot day, The Waterfront seemed like the perfect place.

Burger review of The Waterfront in ShrewsburyThe Waterfront (as the name suggests) looks out over the River Severn with areas to eat outside. But on a hot Saturday – like the one we went on – you’re lucky to get a seat so, instead, we meandered inside; which wasn’t all bad as it was nice and cool.

The Waterfront is just down the road from the Armoury and has a similar interior; the walls are covered in books and there are numerous leather armchairs to have a relaxing pint in. Although I must admit, it is a little strange visiting a place with pictures of pheasants on the walls, only for it to transform into a night club in the evening. It’s almost like two people got together; one called Geoff who wanted an old style rustic pub theme, and the other called Wayne who wanted an all-out night club. In the end, they couldn’t agree so they just thought “We’ll do both”. That being said – and credit where credit’s due – it does do a good job of being both.

Looking at the menu, it didn’t take long for me to locate the burger section and, although is wasn’t vast, I had no problem in finding one that looked like it was right up my street. The ‘Waterfront Stack Burger’ is a fat 8oz beef patty, smoked bacon, onion rings, mac and cheese, all stacked high in a toasted brioche bun – bloody smashing!

Now, as I have professed before (and this is still the main reason why The Alb tops my ‘Burger Hall of Fame’), I love a burger that Burger review of The Waterfrontis better than the sum of its parts. By this, I mean that everything comes together and is complemented in such a way that sets it apart from other burgers. That being said, I also like a burger that’s a bit “different”. So when I saw that, instead of cheese (which is a staple on 90% of burgers these days), there was mac and cheese instead, I couldn’t resist!

The wait was agonising but not overly long and, when the burger arrived, I was chuffed to bits – I mean, look at it for goodness sake! Served on a slate, the burger was indeed stacked high and stabbed with a knife as though to prevent it from darting off the plate.  The chips also looked impressive; I have become partial to a skin-on fry of late – as my waistline will attest!

I had to start by dismantling the burger. As I was with my two companions, I thought it best not to bury my face into it, at the risk of seeing disapproving faces looking back at me in horror. I began with the ma-hoo-sive onion ring which merely whet my appetite until there was nothing else for it; I was going in!

As I had hoped, the mac and cheese did not disappoint. Tasty and creamy, the cheese portion was not stingy and I managed to get a taste in every mouthful. The burger patty itself was thick, juicy and succulent (not greasy whatsoever). The brioche bun was also delicious! Sometimes I find that toasted buns can become a little dry but I’m happy to report that was not the case here.

When coupled with the large portion of chips, this meal was a hell of a bargain at £13. Yes, I know, £13 is a lot. But for what you get compared to other places with similar price tags (*ahem* looking at you Boathouse), it really was great value for money.

I still maintain that The Waterfront has something of a split personality and, as a result, it’s not likely to be everyone’s cup of tea. But in this case, the burger was of such a calibre that it truly does deserve it’s top 3 position in my ‘Burger Hall of Fame’ – nice work, guys!


Entire meal 9.3

Burger 9.5

Service 8.5

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