“Ego’s Beef Burger” – Ego’s Kitchen and Wine Bar

Menu description:

Ego’s Beef Burger – 100% beef burger served in a baked bun, with bacon & melted cheese & hand cut chips

Price of burger: £9.95


Recently, my friend suggested a day in Ludlow with our better halves. I jumped at the chance to see them and thought Ludlow was a cracking choice. It’s a lovely town and I have been there on many occasions – food festivals, curry nights and other meals…re-reading this now, I realise they are always food-based visits!

Burger Review of Ego's Kitchen & Wine BarThe day itself was smashing; we had a lovely walk around the town, the castle and were fortunate to have visited on market day when all sorts were being sold.

With all this mooching, our thoughts soon turned to – you’ve guessed it – FOOD. After dismissing a few of the busier cafés, we found a small place down an alleyway called ‘Ego’s Kitchen and Wine Bar’. With our table overlooking a pretty courtyard, I found the menu, quickly followed by the burger.

Described as 100% beef burger served in a baked bun, with bacon, melted cheese and hand cut chips, I was pleasantly surprised that the price was only £9.95. Labelled as a wine bar, I had expected it to exceed £13 so it was off to a good start.

Now, as you know, I love it when the burger arrives; first impressions mean a lot so it’s an important part of the review process. Unfortunately, this is where things take a turn down Negative Street. Don’t get me wrong, the burger looked delicious – I just wish I’d been viewing it on the table, NOT ON MY LAP!!! The burger was served on a breadboard and the waitress – who, bless her, apologised profusely – had placed it half on the table, half in mid-air and, unfortunately, gravity did its job, sending everything – the dressed salad, burger and chips – squarely into my crotch!

To add insult to injury, it was the first day I’d decided to wear the £75 Superdry jeans that the wife had bought me as a birthday present! I suppose I should be thankful I hadn’t ordered the soup…

Obviously, I had to excuse myself to the toilet as I scrubbed the delicious looking salad dressing from my own meat and two veg! As you can imagine, upon my return, my three friends were sympathetic and understanding…not howling like hyenas at my misfortune – hmmm!!!!

I then had to sit, with a wet lap, whilst everyone else ate their meals in between fits of laughter (in all fairness, this only came Burger Review of Ego's Kitchen & Wine Barfrom my best mate and my wife – my friend’s better half seemed to be genuinely gutted for me, bless her!). This ten minutes or so, however, did give me the chance to look at the other meals on the table which, in my opinion, were a little more on the “style over substance” side the fence. Although, as always, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and, at this stage, I was still without a meal so, in hindsight, maybe it was a little jealousy on my part.

In fairness, the wait was short and, when presented with a new meal (which managed to stay on the table this time), I was told it was on the house – result!

I didn’t waste time in tucking in to catch my friends who were close to finishing by this point. The burger was actually very good, albeit a little bit…boring, I suppose is the word. The patty was juicy and substantial. When I say this, I imagine that, instead of the beef being minced or ground in a food processor, it was more likely hand cut – I may be wrong but, either way, it was very nice indeed.

Served on a floured bun, the burger came with bacon, cheese and the aforementioned salad, together with a small pot of chips (which, incidentally, were larger than the “lap chips”, as I will now call them, but still not quite as many as I would have liked).

Forgetting the “burger-dropping” incident – and the fact that my meal was actually free in the end – I must confess, I was a little disappointed. Yes, it was tasty, but it was rather basic, missing any defining qualities to set it apart from other burgers I’ve tried in my time. Maybe a few rustic onion rings or a caramelised onion relish would have made it better. Either way, I’m afraid it won’t be making the top ten.

And finally, just as a side note, in the extremely unlikely event that the waitress who dropped the burger ever reads this, I’d just like to say – no hard feelings. She was clearly distraught and I felt for her then as I do now.


Entire meal 6.5

Burger 7.5

Service 8.0 (I had to mark them down for “lap-gate”, I’m afraid. Other than that, they were great)

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