“Beef Burger” – The Haughmond

Menu description:

Beef burger – cheddar, caramelised onions, hand cut chips

Price of burger: N/A (this was part of a two course deal which was £18.00)


This week’s review comes from a place I have already visited under the guise of Mr Burger Journal. The Haughmond is a regular haunt for us, and for good reason. The food is always good quality, the staff are friendly and welcoming, and the location is absolutely beautiful!

My visit to The Haughmond was an impromptu one. When the wife calls to say “I’ll get to the pub before you, what food shall I order?”, any rational human would attempt to find the menu online or, at the very least, ask what the potential food options were. For me, this is no such problem. No sooner had the words left her lips than I screamed “BURGER” down the car phone!!

The HaughmondWith the weather such as it is, it was a no-brainer to ask for a table outside. As I have already mentioned, The Haughmond sits on such a pretty patch of land with views out towards The Wrekin. We had already been warned that there was a little wait on food but, as it was such a scorcher, that was no problem and in fact, the food arrived sooner than we expected. Looking back at my old review, the verdict was not particularly impressive. Since then, the menu has undergone quite a revamp and I am happy to report that it is for the better. The burger arrived with a good portion of hand-cut chips (my favourite). It was served open and, as you will see from the photographs, it was a VERY impressive sight! When attending an event where burger vans frequent, one of my pet hates is ending up with something where the patty is no thicker than a £1 coin. This was NOT the case at The Haughmond!

The patty was absolutely enormous. The amount of meat that went into cooking the beast must have been immense! It was more of a huge meatball than a burger but that didn’t mean I would tackle it with a knife and fork – not on your nelly!

The patty was topped with cheese and caramelised onion which is, again, one of my favourites! The bun was tasty but, if I had to pick a fault, it was a little dry. Perhaps some butter or mayo wouldn’t have gone a-miss.

The depth of flavour in the patty itself is something for other pubs, restaurants and burger joints to aspire The Haughmondto. The beef was succulent and cooked to perfection! Despite being so thick, the burger was cooked all the way through without being burnt on the outside. Thinking about it now, it is actually quite impressive to have cooked the patty well enough to be warm throughout, but not burnt or dried out – jolly good show Haughmond-ites!

For a lunch, the meal was the perfect size and pretty well-priced!

My father-in-law cannot speak highly enough of The Haughmond but, after my old review, I could never quite understand why. I can now!


Entire meal 8.8

Burger 9.0

Service 9.5

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