“All-American Chicken Burger” – Two Henrys

Menu description:

All-American chicken burger – Southern-fried chicken fillet with mayonnaise,
topped with cheese and smoked streaky bacon

Price of burger: £9.99


This week, I’m reviewing a pub that I’ve been desperate to visit ever since I saw a billboard advert for one of their burgers. In fact, at the time, I tweeted a picture because it looked so impressive.

The opportunity presented itself after a day out with my wife, son, sister and her family. The location was Chester so, when discussing where we should eat on the way back, Two Henrys was the logical choice sitting on the edge of town where the A53 meets the A49 (my sense of direction and knowledge of local roads is horrendous so Google gave me that information, in case you were interested).

My sister frequents this pub often thanks to the great kids facilities including a Wacky Warehouse and, on this occasion, a bouncy castle (more on that later).

On arrival, we were greeted by an extremely helpful staff member who had no problem finding us a table with room for a pram, high chair and five seats. I regret to say that I didn’t catch his name which is a shame as his helpfulness was certainly worth a mention. We arrived around 20 minutes before the others, giving us ample opportunity to peruse the menu. There was a lot of choice on the regular menu as well as additional options on a budget lunch menu, where the prices were very reasonable!

In the end, however, the “All-American chicken burger” from the main menu tickled my fancy (we waited for the rest of our party before we ordered, of course – I’m not an animal).

Two HenrysTwo Henrys forms part of the Greene King chain and I have been in these pubs countless times over the years. Like many chains of this kind, the decor and atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and welcoming and, despite our son deciding this would be the perfect time to start fidgeting and crying, we didn’t feel like we were disturbing anyone else – it may be that they felt differently but ignorance is bliss.

The meal arrived and my first impressions were mixed. On the one hand, it looked appealing, but I couldn’t help feeling like it was a bit small.

The pot of relish was the first thing to draw my attention. It almost looked like they put the smallest amount of relish in the largest pot they could find. I’m not saying “fill it to the brim” but surely they could have topped it up a bit more? It was comparable to having a shot in a pint glass! Similarly disappointing was the coleslaw which, again, could have been larger.

You’ll be relieved to hear, however, that it’s not all bad news. The chips were the next thing to draw my attention. Well-cooked, a decent portion and served skin-on which is always a plus point for me.

The burger itself was really not bad at all. I’m a fan of a beef burger, as avid readers will attest, but I Two Henrysreally do like chicken burgers too. This particular one ranks highly in the list of poultry-based burgers I have had. Although not the largest, the chicken breast was juicy and complemented perfectly by the American-style cheese and bacon. The bun too, was delicious and was not as dry as some can be.

With many places I go as part of my quest, I aim to seek out the weirdest, most wonderful burgers that I can. Some meet my standards and others fall well short. And there are those that are just “good”. I hate using that word but the meal at Two Henrys was just that; well-priced, without wait and a decent quality. It’s certainly somewhere I’ll revisit.

All in all then, a solid meal. Others in my party also commended the food which did indeed look delicious and, for the price we paid, I cannot criticise too harshly (despite there being some areas in which they could improve).

GladiatorOn a side note – and not at all burger related – I really do need to mention the facilities for kids which are fantastic! In particular for us, was the bouncy castle. It was free for the kids (and big kids) but with a suggested donation to charity. Also, and perhaps even more fun, was the Gladiators type setup. Two opponents are stood on opposite podiums, armed with pugil sticks (or big cotton buds to you and me) and this was simply too tempting to turn down. Two swift pints of Peroni fueled my inner child and so, channeling Hunter, Wolf and Rhino, I went to battle with none other than….my nephew (aged 5). I don’t want to toot my own horn but, I destroyed him! Granted, I am at least twice his size but I see it as a David and Goliath situation and, in this instance, Goliath kicked ass – sorry Seth! I am sure you’ll get your own back on me one day!


Entire meal 7.5

Burger 8.3

Service 9.0

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