“The Haystack” – Warehouse Bar & Grill

Menu description:

The Haystack – 10 layers to include: 8oz beef burger, chicken, pulled pork, lettuce, tomato, onion, grilled smoked bacon, cheddar cheese & onion ring

Price of burger: £16.00


This week’s review comes from a place I have eaten at previously, but have never done a review for. Believe it or not, I have had many more burgers than I’ve actually reviewed, but I am doing my level best to stop that happening, folks!

The Warehouse is a relatively new venue in Shrewsbury and sits on the vast footprint of the old Argos store in the town centre. Anyone who has popped to the loo here will understand why I refer to it as “vast” – all I will say is take some protein bars and a map! Opened in late 2017, I have been in many a time on nights out and have always found it to be a good location for drinks and food.

I mentioned a potential visit to a friend at work and we settled on a Friday lunch time in the hopes that it would not be overly busy…we were correct. We walked in and found that it was all but deserted which was good on the one hand (very little wait time and potentially good service) but bad on the other as it always makes you question “why is it not very busy?!”

Warehouse Bar & GrillWe found a booth, ordered drinks and I opened the menu to the burger section. As I’ve mentioned, I have been to Warehouse in the past and (*spoiler alert*) the burgers have always been of a good quality. They range in price from £10 (for the basic veggie number) to £16 (a 10-layered beast of a thing). In the past, I have always opted for a “middle of the road” burger for around the £12 mark but, as I was actually going to do a review this time, I went for the big boy – The Haystack Burger. You can double up on all of the burgers for £5 but I think this is actually a bit steep when already spending £16 on the meal. I do always think that you get what you pay for and I was optimistic based on previous experiences.

The meals arrived after a short wait and I was pleasantly surprised by both the appearance and the size of the burger that was placed in front of me. It looked very appealing and I was pleased to see that the chip portion was enough to satisfy even the largest of appetites, of which I have a whopper (#BurgerKingPun).

I didn’t really think much to the coleslaw, which was actually a lot smaller than it looks in the pictures, but when you consider the size of the burger, it is a small point to pick up on.

I started by tucking in to the enormous onion ring that topped the burger and found it to be delicious. I can’t abide these tiny breaded onion rings that basically have no onion in at all, so this was a welcome change.Warehouse Bar & Grill

Next I dismantled the burger (the main reason will become clear shortly) but initially, I wanted to have a good old look at these 10 layers. I took a picture of the inside to give you an idea of what I was dealing with. It was all there but it just looked a little…underwhelming, I suppose. You may look at the photo I took and begin to drool at the chicken, beef patty and pulled pork, but I just thought it looked a bit messy – just my opinion.

The proof of the pudding, so they say, is in the eating so I chopped this monster in two and dug in!

The bun was a little on the dry side but I am happy to report that the pulled pork was delicious. However the chicken too was quite dry and, to my eye, looked like I only had a small portion. No huge chicken breast topped the stack and maybe this is because, logistically, it may not have balanced correctly. But I was a little disappointed that I had to make do with these smaller “chunks”.

Warehouse Bar & GrillI alluded earlier as to why I’d cut the burger in half. It was immediately evident that this was not something you could attack in one go. The main reason for this – the patty! The beef, although shaped like a burger, did not hold together like one. It seemed overcooked to the point that the patty just fell apart. You can see from the image that the beef just fell from the stack, littering the chopping board on which it was served and the table with what was essentially unformed mince.

This meant that, as well as crumbly, the patty was dry and really had lost any moisture. I even struggled to pick it up with a fork it was that brittle.

The burgers I’ve had here in the past have included succulent, well-cooked patties and so I have to confess that I was disappointed on this occasion. Had it been as good as before, this would have been a great meal indeed with very little to criticise. All the while, however, I was conscious of paying a whopping £16 for this meal and I think everyone can agree that, when paying this for a burger, you would expect to have something pretty special!

I could not fault the staff or the venue itself and, as I have already stated, I am a fan of the place as a whole – I just feel that I came away underwhelmed by the burger, not to mention with a considerably lighter wallet!

I will be going back to Warehouse in due course, of that I have no doubt – I just really hope they refine the meal. Otherwise, I’m sad to say that I will be looking elsewhere when considering where to go for lunch.


Entire meal 7.0

Burger 7.0

Service 9.5

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