“Blue Cheese & Chorizo Burger” – Beacon Hotel

Menu description:

Blue Cheese & Chorizo Burger – Our classic premium steak burger topped with blue cheese & chorizo

Price of burger: £10.99


This may be a strange way to start this week’s review but there is method in my madness – it begins with some words of wisdom from none other than my mum who always says that “bread and milk are the best ways to line your stomach before a big night out”. And, although I agree in principal that these preventative measures certainly do help, in my opinion, there is nothing quite like a burger in the early afternoon to perfectly prepare for a night on the sesh.

Since having my little boy, heavy nights out have become a distant memory. So when one finally presented itself, my wife and I jumped at the chance and this, of course, meant the prerequisite meal beforehand.

As I have mentioned before, I have an ever-growing list of recommendations or, in some cases, merely places I am yet to visit. On this case, the Beacon Hotel in Copthorne was my target.

As with many of the places I have visited for food, I have been here in the past but the focus has been on beer, not food. I appreciate that all this talk of alcohol is not painting the best picture of me but I can assure you, I don’t spend all of my evenings on the lash!

Initially, The Beacon Hotel was chosen soley on the price. An online menu shows that all of the burgers range from £9.49 to £10.99 which is extremely reasonable.

As I said, I had scoped the menu well in advance so I had no issues finding the Blue Cheese & Chorizo Burger that had tickled my fancy before we had even entered the pub.

On the Saturday we visited, we timed things perfectly, avoiding any huge football matches. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any issues with football, only that I know the Beacon Hotel airs a whole host of matches and the place can get pretty loud when they do. So if you are looking for a quiet meal, I would recommend avoiding important match times.

Ordinarily, one orders a meal, waits for 20 minutes or so and then it arrives…not here! No sooner had we ordered than the meal arrived fresh and piping hot! The turn-around time was truly incredible and meant that I could dig in immediately.

First impressions were very good indeed. A huge portion of chips, well-dressed salad, a dish of BBQ sauce

Beacon Hotel
Look at the size of that skewer!!

and a stacked burger. The burger itself was held together with a skewer…but no ordinary skewer. It was absolutely – *insert expletive here* – massive! I have taken a photo as proof as it was by far and away the thing that first caught my attention when the plate arrived – amazing.

So let’s take a step back and break down each element on the plate. As I said, the chip portion was enough to satisfy even the largest of appetites. The chips were the standard pub chips you would perhaps expect to find with such a reasonably priced meal. I suspect they are the kind you would buy in bulk to launch into the fryer but, on this occasion, that is not the worst things. The chips were cooked to the point that they were slightly on the crispy side and therefore surprisingly tasty!

The salad was also surprising good; after all, it is only salad. It was really well-dressed with what I believe was honey and mustard and was deliciously crunchy – and that’s quite enough about the salad, thank you very much!

The burger got the usual treatment of top bun off and then onion rings off to be eaten separately. In doing so, I spotted the blue cheese which, on first glance, looked like it had been left under the grill and burnt. You may be able to see this on the photos but I am happy to report that a prod with my index finger found the cheese to actually be melted, gooey and incredibly hot – ouch!

My first bite was delicious. Some blue cheeses (Stilton or Danish Blue, for example) can be overwhelmed by strong flavours from the burger but I am happy to report that this was not the case here. I’d be interested to know exactly what cheese they used but I can assure you, the flavour came through perfectly.

The chorizo came as one thick slice, not like the diced pancetta style that I had expected and complemented the cheese wonderfully.

The BBQ sauce too was really tasty; almost more of a thick glaze than a sauce and served in a whopper of a bowl – bravo!

In summary, for the price, I was mega impressed.  The burger, although tasty in each respect, was not one that is likely to set the world alight and is one that, I fear in time, will drift from my memory but I suppose this is all the more reason to revisit which I will undoubtedly do sometime soon.


Entire meal 7.5

Burger 8.5

Service 8.5

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