“Horseshoes Best Burger” – Dorrington’s Horseshoes

Menu description:

Horseshoes Best Burger – Melting cheese, bacon, onion chutney, side salad and hand-cut chips

Price of burger: £11.95


I think – and I hope you agree with me – that the mark of a truly good restaurant is consistency. That feeling that you can go time after time and know that the food you are going to receive is always of a high quality. That being said, I am always rather reluctant to post reviews of places I have already visited because who in their right mind wants to read multiple reviews of the same place?!

Eventually though, enough time elapses from the previous review and I feel the consistency issue should be tested. After all, I would hate for somebody to dine out somewhere based on one of my reviews only to find that, since that time, things have changed so immeasurably that my views have become obsolete – I shudder at the thought!

With this in mind, this week’s review comes, once again, from Dorrington’s Horseshoes.

Dorrington's HorseshoesLocated on the A49 some seven miles or so south of Shrewsbury, it’s a firm favourite of many of my friends and family. I am not at all surprised as I find it to be a warm and welcoming pub that is always a delight to visit. Today, though, I had my food critic hat on so I was keen to give an impartial impression based on my experience of the day. I am pleased to report that first impressions did not disappoint. The lass behind the bar was friendly, accommodating and keen to take our drinks order. The pub was not busy on this occasion but even so, I suspect that she would have been equally warm if it had been.

My wife, son and I sat down in a quiet spot and surveyed the menu. There was masses of choice but, as you all know, the burger section was all I was interested in so to that, I went. There were three options but the first instantly caught my eye – The Horseshoes Best Burger. I mean how could I resist tasting what they themselves acclaim to be “the best”?

It is strange having already reviewed this place as I knew full well what calibre of meal to expect. My fear is that menus, chefs and owners change frequently these days and a once top-drawer establishment could have taken a turn down negative street.

When the meal arrived, however, at least some of my reservations were put to bed. The meal, although perhaps not as aesthetically pleasing as last time (petty, I know, but last time I loved the swirls), looked enticing.

All of that may be true but I was still pretty shocked to find that the number of chips I had been given Dorrington's Horseshoestotalled…wait for it…seven! Not 17…seven! Now this is the reason I take photos because, in any other circumstance, I would have been livid but, as you will see for yourself, these were chunky little devils that were actually more than enough to accompany the burger – who knew!?

The plate was divided into quadrants each containing a different part of the meal – chips, onion chutney, salad and burger. It actually worked out really well as the meal felt well balanced.

After the initial internal struggle I faced trying to work out whether seven huge chips was a good or bad thing, I decided to move on with the meal and dig in to the burger.

No brioche bun in sight but, fortunately, the alternative was a soft toasted affair which, despite appearances was not at all dry, helped somewhat by the copious amounts of cheese that covered the patty and bacon.

Dorrington's HorseshoesThe star of the show, however, was the patty. Now some patties can be crumbly and brittle and usually the result of overcooking. At the opposite end of the scale, you have the rubbery monstrosities that are commonplace in burger vans all across the county. In this case, they had just about got it right, Well-formed and densely packed but perfectly seasoned as you can see from the photo. The rest of the burger, although tasty, was nothing that is particularly going to stay with me but the patty helped to bring the burger as a whole from a six to a solid eight on my ranking table.

The onion chutney was served separately in a dish and was a nice addition to the meal. That being said, it was extremely sweet which you really do need to bear in mind when using savoury sauces as I do. The flavour combination is confusing and I would suggest sticking with one or the other.

It seems, then, that Dorrington’s Horseshoes has remained a venue that I can continue to recommend! The friendly atmosphere alone is enough to keep you coming back but when you consider the quality of the food too, it is certainly amongst my top out of town places to eat!


Entire meal 8.0

Burger 8.0

Service 8.5

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