“DP with Cheese” – Severn Social

Menu description:

DP with cheese – double beef patty, Gouda cheese, dirty cheese, candied bacon, sweet garlic mayo, tomato relish on a poppy and hemp seed brioche bun

Price of burger: £10.95 (+ £3.95 for Cheese Fest Fries)


Since starting the Burger Journal, the rate at which I receive suggestions of places to visit has skyrocketed! Recommendations amass from a variety of sources including texts, tweets and, of course, word of mouth. Practically everyone who knows I write this blog has an opinion on the best burger they have ever tasted and implore me to try this place or that. And it’s great, I love it – keep the suggestions coming!

Some of these, I have followed up and others get added to an ever-growing “To Visit” list. One of those topping the list was Severn Social.

Severn Social occupies a building that has had many guises over the past few years and folk out there may be more familiar with its previous incarnations as The Silverton or, most recently, Biggie’s Diner. Rebranded last year, it is now Severn Social and therefore long overdue a visit on my part.

Incidentally, as well as the countless recommendations I have had for Severn Social, it has appeared on my personal radar ever since I saw an advert for their lunchtime deal consisting of burger, fries and a drink, all for £6….that’s six British pounds folks – what a bargain!

Severn SocialI actually ended up visiting in the evening, however, and was therefore presented with an alternative menu that was a little more in-line with the prices I would have expected at this time of day.

When looking through the menu, the first thing you notice is they are clearly keen on their burgers – something that I can certainly identify with! The menu features no less than eight burger choices that can be further customised by adding bacon or more patties.

The choices are not your usual pub fare either. Of course burger bores can opt for the “Severn Classic” (cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickle), but you would be mad not to want to try one with something more adventurous such as beef bourguignon, Raclette cheese or charred beef skirt – the list goes on!

The one that really caught my eye was “Le Boeuf” which, you will unsurprised to hear, featured the aforementioned beef bourguignon and Raclette cheese – well, you would, wouldn’t you!?

With a side order of cheese fest fries (hand-cut, twice cooked fries with Gouda, cheese curds and dirty cheese sauce), I was set to go. The waiter disappeared into the kitchen with our order but reappeared moments later to tell us the devastating news – they were out of “Le Boeuf”…NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Gutted! Fortunately, I had plenty of other choices available so settled, instead, on the “DP with cheese” for the same price.

I had heard from a number of sources that the fries are served in huge trays and I can confirm that indeed they were. They Severn socialarrived and were absolutely ma-hoo-sive! I know that saying there were too many chips is akin to saying that you are having too much fun – counter intuitive – so I will ignore the size issue for now.

I dug in with my fork and, as the fries were lifted, the gooey cheese strung from fork to tray – beautiful. The fries were unsurprisingly not crispy after being tucked up under their tasty cheese blanket but were still well-seasoned and scrummy!

The burger itself was also huge – not somewhere to visit if you are on a strict diet. The hemp and poppy seed bun was shiny and – thank the burger gods – not dry. In fact, the whole burger was moist and juicy. The best way I can describe it is the same as they describe the cheese – DIRTY! The meat was succulent and held together wonderfully and, despite being a double, there was no slipping and sliding apart like I have had before. When a burger is juicy, there is always a risk that it becomes wet and disintegrates; I have had countless burgers where the bottom bun all but falls apart because of it. But I am pleased to report that this is not the case here.

The patties were served pink in the middle which certainly contributed to the moistness, not to mention the cheese of which there was plenty! Topped with candied bacon, this was a real winner in my eyes. And, let’s not forget, this wasn’t even my first choice off the menu!

Severn SocialAll these contributing factors mean that Severn Social has got to be up there with the best and it is only right that it goes into the Hall of Fame! It is certainly one of the best burgers I have ever had and, when you consider how many I have actually eaten, that is high praise indeed! It’s also doing its part for burger experimentation in Shrewsbury with interesting and exciting flavour combinations, whilst remembering to keep the patty the main star of the show!

A fantastic first experience, even in spite of them not having the burger that I had initially chosen, but I will definitely be heading back to try that one too! If I had one suggestion, it would be that they introduce the option to order a half size portion of fries that could be sold as an add-on to the burger section in the same way as adding an extra patty or bacon. Still keeping the exciting toppings, just losing the size. Who would have believed it; me of all people suggesting smaller portions? Ridiculous!

If you are considering a visit – which I cannot recommend highly enough – I would say one thing…the venue is friendly, welcoming and the staff are fantastic but be aware that the 14 TV screens, foosball and pool tables make this somewhere you probably would avoid for a first date, family outing or somewhere to take your gran for lunch. I have seen the description “dive bar” in plenty of places when referring to Severn Social so this should not come as a surprise. All I’m saying is don’t be expecting a candle on the table, a quiet place to have a heart-to-heart with a friend or somewhere to meet your in-laws first time.


Entire meal 9.0

Burger 9.5

Service 8.0

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