“Triple – B” – 7Bone Burger Co.

Menu description:

Triple B – aged beef patty, blue cheese, bacon, bacon jam, truffle blue cheese dressing

Price of burger: £9.25 (£11.95 including dirty side)


Whenever I venture beyond the borders of The Shire (Shropshire, that is) – which is fairly regularly, in fairness – I make an effort to find venues that are slightly different from the norm. When you couple this with my love for burgers, it inevitably results in somewhere that specialises in burgers (Beefy Boys is a prime example of this).

This review reinforces that as, on a recent holiday to the south west of England, I found myself looking down the barrel of yet another great looking burger joint – 7Bone. The location was Weston-super-Mare and the decision to eat here was not as easy as you might think.

Prior to my holiday, I had done some research on the best rated burger joints in Weston and found two that consistently presented themselves – Bare Grills Smokehouse and 7Bone. The former professed to be “The best dang burger joint in the UK” but the menu of 7Bone just looked too enticing to turn down with a huge selection of interesting looking combinations!

7boneI visited on a Monday lunchtime and found that the restaurant was all but empty and immediately started to question the decision to eat here but had faith following some of the images I had seen on 7Bone’s website – which looked truly epic!

The menu was placed in front of us and I was happy to see that, as well as food choices, the reverse of the menu tells you about how they age the beef they use, where they source their buns from and why they have chosen their particular selection of alcohol – I do like a bit of reading material. But no spoilers, you will just have to visit and read for yourself. Needless to say, they were clearly proud of their use of local ingredients and that is to be commended.

The actual menu, as I have already said, was very impressive with plenty of choice and the decision I made was to go for the Triple-B burger, so named for the beef, blue cheese and bacon. At £9.25, this was not cheap but was saved by a deal whereby you can add a regular side to bring the total to £10.45 or a ‘Dirty’ side for £11.95 regardless of which burger you choose – now that is the kind of maths I can get on board with! Bargain!

I decided on a ‘Dirty’ side (obvs) in the form of Portswood Poutine which consisted of fries, braised beef, cheese curds and deep gravy – awesome right! This is a combination I never would have considered but, on arrival, I was chuffed that I had ordered it! A massive portion of fries was topped with cheese curds and, to my delight, the beef and gravy were served separately in their very own gravy boat – amazing!

The fries were delicious and the cheese/gravy combo was a real winner for me. A great twist that I applaud you for, 7Bone!7bone

The burger I had chosen looked a little more disappointing in comparison. Not huge and slightly wet-looking, I was sceptical as to whether I had made the right decision.

My first bite confirmed that I had! Wet should, at this point, be replaced with the word juicy. So much so that the burger dripped onto the plate when I bit into it. This is a great sign that a burger has not been cooked to within an inch of its life and that they had not held back on their use of the flavourful truffle blue cheese dressing!

I think, in hindsight, that the fries actually out-did the burger for me which is both a good thing and a bad thing. The burger was extremely tasty indeed and therefore, the side I had chosen was clearly of a very high standard – I just wish that the burger had taken the meal from great, to mind-blowing.

I fear that I will not be revisiting this part of England again any time soon but rest assured that if I did, I would not hesitate to visit 7Bone again. The price alone is enough to have convinced me that this venue is a great place to eat – watch out Weston, I’ll be back.

Bare Grills Smokehouse have made a very bold claim indeed to suggest that they are the best burger joint in the UK, let alone Weston Super-Mare as 7Bone are doing their part to keep them on their toes. Next time down in that part of the world, I will put them both to the test – you heard it here first!


Entire meal 9.0

Burger 8.5

Service 9.0

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