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The man, the legend
The man, the legend

I have had some great tasting burgers in my time, but like many others out there, I’ve also had my fair share of bad experiences…

Back when I was nothing more than a wee nipper, I went for a family meal to The Cygnets in Hook-A-Gate. Naturally, I ordered the house burger. After an extremely long wait (a good 50 minutes), I was presented with the smallest, driest lump of minced meat I have ever seen in my life.

No child should ever be expected to wait almost an hour for food – that’s just wrong. As you can imagine, I was distraught.

Since then, I’ve made it my mission in life to rate burgers so that no one ever needs to suffer the hurt and pain I experienced. Hence, this blog. The world (well Shropshire for now) needs to know where the best and worst places are for the ultimate burger experience.

I’m reliably informed that The Cygnets have since changed hands and their menu. Whilst I am yet to taste their new delights, it’s only a matter of time. Cygnets – you have been warned…

(Update – I have recently visited The Cygnets again and had a very different experience. Check out the review here.)

Who I am…

My name is Simon and I am a Shropshire lad, born and bred – a regular chap with regular tastes.

The Burger Journal started because, often when going for meals, I would find myself bypassing other menu choices and heading straight for the burger section. I’m regularly asked, “what is the best burger you’ve ever had?” and, until now, my answer was always “I don’t really remember”! As a self-confessed burger connoisseur, this simply wasn’t good enough, so one day I decided to start this Burger Journal as a way to keep track and rate the burgers I’ve had, but also as a guide for others with a similar disposition for the humble burger.

Of course, you could argue that I’m not adventurous when it comes to picking meals and you may be right. But who in their right mind would choose a cauliflower pie or a spinach tart over a burger? That’s just wrong!

How it works…

When deciding to write a review, there are a number of things I need to do. After finding the burger I want (the tough part), I make a note of the description on the menu, the price, accompaniments and any other details such as whether the meal comes with a drink. After this, I wait (the anxious part).

When the meal arrives (the exciting part), I take a picture of the whole dish and a close up of the burger for inclusion on the blog.

After I have taken the pictures, I tuck in (the fun part) ensuring I make notes of things that I can comment on.

All of the blog posts I write are based on my experience of that particular meal and do not necessarily reflect the restaurant as a whole. The Burger Journal is a guide which I hope gives you an idea of what to expect, but you will of course have your own opinions. I welcome your comments at the bottom of my reviews regardless of whether you are in agreement with me or whether you think I am talking a load of old tosh 🙂

Of course, this Burger Journal isn’t just about me. If you’ve been somewhere you would like the Burger Journal to review, or even if you have done a review you would like to include within the blog, please contact me.

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  1. Llion says:

    Lord Beeching’s Hulk Burger in Aber is definitely worth a try Perry! Fantastic work on the Burger Journal!!

    1. Hey Llion, well the plan is to try and do some burger challenges soon so “The Hulk” is high up on my list – I saw it a while back but was too chicken to try it! 🙂

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